Friday, November 16, 2007

25 Most Baffling Toys

I had a really good laugh. Not work or child safe. Surprisingly.

The First Overnight

Forgive me. These are not the best pictures. My camera does not like taking close up pictures.

It is actually snowing today! It's not the 3 to 6 inches they predicted, but it's still snow.

Tomorrow night is a big deal around here. Doug and I are going to an inn about an hour away. For the night. Without the kids. The kids will sleep at home with Sobo (my mother). I am so excited! I'm also a little nervous. We will be staying here. Did I mention we're going without the kids? For the whole night? Plus breakfast? We have never done this before. In case that wasn't obvious.

Then it's back home to plan Thanksgiving dinner! My chef friend Annie sent me numerous new recipes, one of which is a Cosmopolitan-like cranberry sauce. Plus, mashed potatoes you can make ahead of time. Apparently, they don't get gluey or anything. I hope I can use a food mill, because I finally allowed myself to get a food mill.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I got the bright idea last week to get the materials to make pipe cleaner fairies with Fiona. I've had this little yellow piece of paper with the instructions for, oh I don't know, about a year. We finally got a hot glue gun (to glue rocket pieces together), too, which was something we needed for the fairy project.

Now we have a box full of faux flowers, pipe cleaners, wooden beads (for the head), yarn, feathers, etc. Fiona could do this all day long. She carries them in her Easter basket from last year---you know, I just realized it's Sophia's Easter basket because Fiona's friend Hazel is borrowing HER Easter basket---and she brings them to school every single day. When her friends come over, they make fairies. I'm just waiting for some doom to come to the fairies at school.

When Fiona does something, she really immerses herself in it.

Halloween was great. Fiona actually did dress up as Ariel (she wanted to be a mermaid, then finally saw the Disney The Little Mermaid, and thus became Ariel...we bought a red wig even, since she asked for it. Which she did not wear). Sophia begged for a skeleton costume. Which she did not wear. She was a unicorn, like last year. She was a big hit. The candy is finally almost all gone.

My Daemon