Friday, September 14, 2007

Quiz Time

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Cult Classic

Quirky, offbeat, and even a little campy - your life appeals to a select few.
But if someone's obsessed with you, look out! Your fans are downright freaky.

Your best movie matches: Office Space, Showgirls, The Big Lebowski

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This Made Me Laugh

So we get this rather thick Parent & Student Handbook during last night's orientation. This is perhaps a taste of what we are getting into. From the handbook:

The Visitor (that's us, dropping her off and picking her up) parking area is in the front of the building. We are aware that there is not enough space. However, visitors must use this space. Do not park, double park or block traffic in front of the building or in the staff parking lot at anytime.

The road leading up to the school has several signs instructing you not to park there at certain times...essentially when school is in session.

Guess how many spaces are in the front of the school?


One handicapped.

I don't know why it went so smoothly this morning, but it did. Maybe a lot of kids take the bus. I know some walk. We'd walk, but we are just a little too far away. I can't just drop her off, either. For kindergarten, you have to walk them up. I actually like that, but I wonder where I will be putting the car while I take Sophia to go get her sister. Doug gets to drop her off, which is a much busier time than lunch time.

On the First Day of Kindergarten...

She had a good day and got a sticker for being a good helper. Even though it is just a half day, they have the option to have lunch there. Of course she wants to eat lunch there. She brought her lunch and later I overheard her tell her dad on the phone that she was the only one who brought a "cold lunch" (as opposed to buying it; she had hot miso soup and onigiri and a fruit leather). We looked at the menu and she is even saying she will eat all her salad on salad day. Hmmm. Well, we'll see.

She learned a song about peanut butter and grape jelly and their first field trip will be picking apples!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Time on Your Hands?

Or not?

Let me introduce you to Boomshine.

Dr Who Reads Aladdin

I am indebted to my sister Alex, for pointing out Ford Galaxy of Stories to me. This week, Tom Baker is reading Aladdin. He was the best Dr Who. You may disagree with me, but you would be wrong. Although the new series is pretty awesome.

Anywho, these stories are really well done and often have a twist to them. Fiona enjoys listening to them quite a bit. She also likes StoryNory, Odds Bodkin (especially the Little Proto trilogy), and Jim Weiss (She is into Greek Myths because of Jim Weiss).

I'm Not Scared!

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So while we were in Burlington, eating pungent things and drinking evil corporate autumnal goodness, we went to Borders. Sophia lit upon a book with an owl on the cover, and she said she wanted me to read the owl book. The owl book is I'm Not Scared by Jonathan Allen, and it is very cute. I read it twice and we bought the book. Sophia has repeatedly been saying "I'm scared" in various situations. I'm not even sure she exactly knows what it means. She is definitely imitating Fiona (who, in addition to potions and nightlights and dragon protectors, now has a net over her bed). She also imitates "My stomach hurts".

We read it at least six times tonight and, so far, it is fun to read, even over and over.

I may have to find a copy of I'm Not Cute!. These days, if you tell Sophia she is cute, or beautiful, she says, "I'm NOT cute! I'm NOT beautiful". Then she will say, "I'm just Ee-aa" (her nickname). Yesterday she said, "I'm just a girl".

If I kiss her, she says, "No kisses!" If I hug her, she says, "No! No hugs!"

Then later I am treated to how a bull would hug. She runs at me, headfirst, and crushes into me with her head, then wraps her arms around me.