Saturday, July 28, 2007

Never Laugh at Live Dragons

Dragons. Brought to you by Dragonology (and the handbook), although the love of dragons was already there (her dragon friend Dandra sleeps by her head at night, a gift from Triana). Did I mention that earlier? Fiona is sleeping in her own room rather regularly now.

So that is where the tooth fairy came last night, because--ta da!--Fiona lost (well, pushed or took out as it was very loose--I didn't look because surprisingly, I can not stomach watching her move a loose tooth around in her mouth) her first tooth last night after tooth brushing. We put the astonishingly small tooth in the pillow and put it by hers (thank goodness it didn't have to be underneath). Instead of coins, Fiona got a garnet gem (value $5). Dragons love gems, you know. She has been trying to catch one for a few weeks now and apparently you can do this if you leave gems outside of their cave. Once he comes out, you sprinkle dragon dust on a mirror and show it to him. I believe there is a spell that goes with this.

Dragons are also not make-believe according to Fiona. She likes to go to the library and leave "gems" (these little gem-looking like things you can glue on to things if you want to be crafty) outside in places where it looks like a dragon lives. Once, she must have dropped one somewhere else mistakenly or something because it was gone when she walked back to look for it. She is sure the dragon took it. She did say she wouldn't use her garnet gem for the dragons, however.

She has just arrived and informed me that obviously the tooth fairy must be real, too, and I was wrong to say that fairies are make believe. Even mommies make mistakes.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I have wanted to visit Gesine in ages. I either managed to go by when they were closed or I just didn't make it quite that far into Montpelier. Reading back through my blog, I see that I have wanted to visit since August 22, 2005. I can't believe it takes me 2 years to visit a bakery in the next town...a town I visit every single day (well, nearly). I guess I should mention here that I don't usually buy pastries and coffee and such. I can make it all myself (theoretically) and it's just so indulgent.

However, after tasting their chocolate (cocoa?) cookies and their flaky, voluptuously scented apples pies (they sell them every Friday) from a friend, I finally made it down there (and besides, Fiona's summer camp was on the way). While their macaroons (their signature item: maple, mocha, and lemon) are quite good (not coconut; they are the French style almond ones), what I fell in love with are the little things around the store. They have these delightful sunflower seeds that are coated with chocolate and a candy coating. The candy coating is done in these really vibrant appealing colors. They are just way too cute for words. They are just like these. The colors seem a bit different, but you get the idea.

Then, they have the requisite "French soda" (with cream if you like), but in flavors I have never seen before. Jasmine. Apricot. Pomegranate. Lavender. And my favorite, Violet. They seem to encourage you to experiment freely with all these syrup flavors (there are many more) and one of their suggestions is a Sweet Lavender Latte. I ordered one for Doug and I now have a new favorite. I have to say, I am all about floral flavors, although they can be overdone. I realize they aren't for everyone, but there are plenty of other flavors to try.

The staff is also really friendly and helpful (and because of this I bought way more than I intended to on my first trip...I came out with a bag o' pastries and a soda instead of "just a coffee"). I plan to go on a regular basis, as our finances allow, of course.

When Doug and I went to our wine dinner, we had some time to kill at the bookstore, where I finally bought The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan. This is something else I have been meaning to do for ages. I only hope I can finish it before the last Harry Potter book comes out.

If only I could read it and spend the day at Gesine's.


Just a couple of notes here. I finally found that elusive Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream that has Stephen Colbert on the front, about 3-4 weeks ago. I really just wanted it because I couldn't have it. Now that I have eaten it, I have to say, it's fantastically good.

Another good find was coming upon the Gruet from the wine dinner. I found it at the Hunger Mountain Co-op. They also had the Mirabelle, the Rose, but it was a bit more expensive, so I left it there.