Monday, October 15, 2007

We Now Return to our Programming

The view from the "upper playground" at school.

Sorry about the, uh, small delay there. Over a month, but who's counting?

School has been going well for Fiona. She has been making friends and having fun. She was tested on her reading ability and she is reading at 3rd grade level. I dropped her off today at school--normally Doug does this, but he is in Boston--and she didn't want me to leave. She didn't even want to play on the playground. That is apparently not the norm, so I hope everything is okay. Maybe it's just Monday. Maybe it's because Sobo is here and we might have too much fun this morning. Then again, Sobo has been here since last Wednesday. Fiona's other bottom tooth is still there and I have no idea why. It is hanging by what must be the most tenacious root ever. She plays with it all the time. It makes me a little green to watch, so I try not to.

Sophia is doing well and turns three Thursday. I can't wait. I have cake to make. The oven is still not working, so unfortunately I may have to buy it. That would be easier, but not really as special (to me anyway). I think we need balloons. It will just be a family party. She does this thing now where if you catch her doing something she isn't supposed to do, or even if you just ask her not to do something, she will shush you (by looking at you, putting her finger to her lips and going "shhhhhh!"). And then continue doing her forbidden activity. As if you would just be quiet she could do whatever she wanted to.

We have been apple picking with Fiona's class at Liberty Orchard, which is such a cute place. The trees are short, so the kids can easily pick them. We now have lots of apples. Her class made applesauce (and I volunteer in her class with Sophia every Thursday, so I got to help!). The trees are really awesome this year. It was so warm for a while--I mean, seriously, warm. 80s Fahrenheit. It was great. It's not warm anymore. I think I need to buckle down and buy Fiona's coat and two pairs of snow boots. Ugh.

Both girls are now sleeping in their own beds...Sophia has a cool new bed that is just like Fiona's--from Flexa...and Doug and I have our own room once again! Actually, it isn't uncommon for Sophia to wake up at night and it also is not uncommon for them to join us in the morning. It's just nice to be able to have some time with one's spouse again. Alone. Speaking of my handsome spouse, he is also volunteering at Fiona's school. He was "Zero the Hero" in his cape and outfit. Every 10th, 20th, etc day of school they have a special zero treat (healthy..or healthy-ish I should say) and on the 20th day, Zero the Hero (Doug) paid a visit! It was so cute and I have pictures. Well, actually, I don't quite have them yet, but I will. Other parents can volunteer, so it won't be just him. Anyway, Fiona kept insisting he was her dad, and he kept saying Nope, I'm Zero the Hero. She was really confused and wary ("But you LOOK like my dad! You SMELL like my dad!") and wouldn't get in the pictures with him and the class at first. Finally he took her in the hall and said, yes, I'm your dad, but I have to keep my identity a secret. All was well.


Ellen Aim said...

That is so flippin' cute.

And maybe Sophia is asking you to 'shhhhhh!' your eyes so you won't see what she's doing...

Triana said...

ZERO! I love this! That's totally awesome of Doug to do.

Gawd, I'm dying to be there. Apples! Chilly weather!

One of us didn't get to the post office yesterday. *cough* Sorry about that. I'm trying to get there today. I hope a certain box makes it on time. I wish I could send an oven. Baking is very essential, especially with so many apples around!

Hi, Sobo!

Lone Star Ma said...

Fiona's school sounds AMAZING!!