Monday, February 04, 2008

More Pictures

The birthday girl with our present.

Bug cakes! Triana sent the Nordic Ware pan to me for my birthday.

My party pictures are dark and blurry. I think Sobo got better pictures.


Triana said...

*drool* WANT CAKE!

Anjie, Queen Of Denial said...

Those are the cutest little cakes ever!!!!!

Shawn said...

OMGosh Rachael! You are SO TALENTED!! Those look too beautiful to consume, but oh so heavenly scrumptiously edible!!! LOL

I'm glad Fiona enjoyed her party. She looks glorious in her pretty wreath.

Hope you are feeling better! (((Rachael)))

gojirama said...

Beautiful Girl, and just wonderful cakes!!!!

Lone Star Ma said...

Lovely! Miss you.

Lone Star Ma said...

None of my comments are posting and I miss you - trying again.

Ellen Aim said...

Has anybody seen...a dog dyed dark green?

(or a blogger named Vel)


Triana said...

About 5foot 3inches tall...with a strawberry



Veloute said...

Thank you :)

And...sorry! I'm coming back! I'm a terrible blogger.