Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pippi's Pining for the Fjords

Fiona talking. I swear she looks like she's grown up in New Yawk.

Alas, after just telling a friend that our birds are so messy, and actually, I'm really not fond of them at all, we found Pippi lying on the bottom of her cage. I think I hear my taxi to Hell just outside the door now. (Although another friend of ours, who let us borrow the steamer for the wallpaper, said I should test it out on the birds.)

So we buried her in the back yard and Fiona sang some songs. She doesn't seem particularly sad, but Sophia is a bit sad. She keeps saying she misses Pippi and wants to write notes for her to put outside. She also keeps asking why Pippi died. I have tried to answer this in several different ways, but she still keeps asking. Don't we all.

The leaves are all pretty much yellow now. However, there are so many peepers here that it is actually affecting traffic. That combined with the desperate construction going on makes for some uncharacteristically stopped up traffic.

I'm so looking forward to October 23-26, where I will join Ellen Aim for her visit to the Cornell Law School! If we can find a room somewhere. It's a long 6 hour drive there, so I'll have to load up the Pod with road songs.

I will tentatively say that I may have a very minor source of income and a major source for a creative outlet. I have started making cakes for a friend's coffee shop and they seem to be selling very well and have received lots of compliments. It makes me very happy.


Triana said...

Aw, alas poor Pippi. :(

But hooray for vacation and double hooray for cakes! That is too cool!

Veloute said...

I know, it's so sad. Sophia keeps saying she misses Pippi :(

God, I need this vacation.

Triana said...

You do! And if there was any way I could stowe away with you, I so would.

After this, focus on January/February. It'll be here before we know it!

Oh and more cake pictures, kkthx.

Lone Star Ma said...

Sorry about the bird.

Yay for your new job! I'm excited for you. Have fun on vacation.