Monday, January 04, 2010

Books and Hips

Sophia survived her day at school and Fiona got off to school without a hitch (but will be glad when school has regular hours tomorrow). I just have to make sure we do violin practice this afternoon! Bonus points if we can practice a little more before bedtime.

Fiona has started reading The Chronicles of Narnia and has already finished The Magician's Nephew. The strictly-reading-about-dinosaurs phase has ended (or maybe it has just been added on to, because her auntie Alex got her a huge encyclopedia on dinosaurs) and we are back to fiction! She read a cool version of the Frog Princess on our way up to Denton, and finished two of her three Christmas books (still working on The Saturdays). Travels of Thelonious was a HUGE hit (I knew it would be, and that was the book at the end of the bed). She also loved the Moomintroll book, and is asking for more. Actually, she's asking for more of both. Happily, we have a birthday coming up. Oh yeah, the slumber party. Groan. Now if she would only read The Hobbit, which she got for Christmas last year. I don't know what I was thinking then. I should have waited a couple of years on that one. What I should do is read it TO her.

Oh, and the "book at the end of the bed" is a Christmas tradition I got from my parents. Every Christmas morning, there is a book wrapped at the end of the bed signed by the parents with the date. In my case, it was always this amazing book. Sometimes I got cookbooks! I still have most, maybe all, of those books.

Here is Fiona with the head of some LEGO dinosaur. I forgot that the eyes light up. She did the Stegosaurus last. She was slightly annoyed with the construction saying that the feet were incorrect. She has taken to spouting out random facts--but I have no idea if they are really facts. For instance, while we were waiting for the bus, there were 3 large black birds in our pine trees and the neighbors' trees. Fiona said they were crows (maybe they were). Then she went on to tell me that crows and owls are enemies and said something about the crows pecking the owls in the morning (???). She seemed uncertain about that last part when I asked her to clarify, but was adamant that crows and owls are enemies. (Speaking of owls, we love Owly, which you can probably get at the library. Props to Triana for introducing us!)

Did I mention Sophia has started sucking her thumb again? It's even worse than ever. She tells me how much she likes it, especially when she goes to bed. Exasperating as it is, I can also really, really understand, because I did the same thing and I did it for a long time (until I was seven). It was so comforting! It's hell on the teeth, though. I was at least hoping it would help her cope better with situations she feels uncertain of (drop off at school, talking to people, being asked questions, being around new kids...) but I am not sure that it is helping. Maybe I just can't see it.

I feel a strong urge to nap now, and maybe I should take it so I can be ready for encouraging Fiona to practice. That can be so draining. Especially if we HAVEN'T been practicing; then she gets really frustrated during practice (and then I get really frustrated). She really has come a long way since we started in July. Maybe it would help her to see me practice the piano, which is something I should really do (and it's enjoyable once I'm there...sort of like exercise). Then it's either dinner prep time or yoga time! I should prep dinner first. I've been biking, but I think my thighs would like a respite today.

Two amusing things: As Fiona was watching Ellen Aim open yet another MOVIE present at Christmas, she asked why Ellen didn't get any real presents. She said this with a look of stern disapproval on her face (mixed with bewilderment).

Ellen also appeared one evening wearing this shirt, which I love and probably need at least two of. Both girls loved the shirt as well. Sophia stared at the cut out in the top of the shirt and said, "I can see your HIPS". Sobo remarked to Ellen dryly, "I don't think she means your hips".


SkylersDad said...

"I can see your hips", oh my god I am laughing so hard!

Douglas said...

Crows and owls are enemies!

Lone Star Ma said...

I wish you had told me about that tradition before I had kids - it's wonderful!

The LSG is only now reading The Hobbit, by the way!

Veloute said...

Oh, it was so funny then and it still makes me laugh!

LSM, I can't believe I didn't tell you! You could still introduce it :)

Triana said...

Hips, LOL! Too funny. Oh out of the mouths of babes.

Owly!! <3 Owly :)

Matt G said...

My family will adopt your tradition this year, I think. I love the thought of it. Who doesn't have a fond memory of reading a good book over Christmas break?