Monday, August 16, 2010

A Review of Summer

This has been the summer of origami. My nightstand is covered with various animals. Origami has spread to the kids' grandparents' house, their cousin's house, and Triana's house. Doug's work colleagues are also the recipient of Fiona's origami creations. Sophia is starting to take an interest, too. It's great to see them so focused on something creative like my dad said, the origami are like Tribbles. They are in everything at this point.

(Lunchbox of tribbles. I mean origami.)

The kids had some week long classes in June: Fiona had origami (her fascination started way before the class), a cooking class, a science class, and an engineering class. Sophia's age group had fewer choices, but she took a class about bugs. They seemed to have a good time.

There was lots of swimming this summer, but no formal swimming lessons. We made a trip to the zoo to meet friends, which was fabulous, but ended with us all drenched in sweat. It is too hot to do much of anything during the day. Most swimming is done in the evening.

School starts next week, which is leaving me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, school! They should have fun and they'll be with other kids (so far, this is a good thing). On the other hand, who will I play with? I would love a job, but it would have to be something that leaves me here in the afternoon when they get home, and would hopefully involve me having some free time on the weekend. In the meantime, there is plenty to work on in the house. I could paint any room, for a start. The kids' bathroom not only needs updating, it needs the paint/peeling wallpaper to come off. I need to get out of the house, though, or I will rave. I'm sure there is volunteer work I can do somewhere (definitely at their school).


Lone Star Ma said...

Sounds like a nice summer. Also, there is this gubernatorial election going on if you have extra time - Perry really needs eviction.

Veloute said...

You could not be more right. Great suggestion, thank you!

Triana said...

Ok, I know I've been here within the last week, why didn't these show up? Grr! Damn cache.

Love the updates!

Ellen Aim said...

I've been spending too much time on Facebook. When you mentioned dad's Tribble comment, my first reaction was to "like" it. Sigh.

Veloute said...

Thank you! :)

And, yes, I have wanted to "like" things off of FB. I spend way too much time there.