Friday, November 12, 2010

Two Very Different Christmas Lists


"Girly" black cowboy boots
High heels
Extra lipstick (she doesn't have lipstick now)
Make up kit


2 year Muse subscription (her paternal grandmother gets a 1 year for her every year)
Black cowboy boots, "non-girly"
Origami supplies, including books with new animal patterns
"Bright perky" Zumbuddy (she got one for her sister for her birthday)

Owner of list number two also has a running commentary about which Christmas book she would like. The Christmas book appears on the end of their beds from their mom and dad every year. Owner of list two is also very much looking forward to the Christmas Eve pajamas. Owner of list one would like a bathrobe and slippers since her sister has those things. Who knows if they will get worn. (I've gotten the pajamas and slippers, but no robe yet).

I don't know what the fascination is with black cowboy boots, and I'm even less sure if I can get "girly" ones (I think that must mean it has sparkles or the like on it).


Lone Star Ma said...


Ellen Aim said...

That is awesome. I love that she wants high heels. I had a huge pair of silver sparkly dress-up shoes at that age and I so wanted them to fit...

In retrospect, I cannot see anyone but a drag queen wearing them.

Veloute said...

Hey, I think I had those same shoes (or similar). I remember wanting them to fit soooo much. And you are right...drag queen shoes.

She was just asking me this afternoon if she could buy her own high heel shoes when she goes to college.