Friday, February 25, 2005

I am the Walrus

One reason I decided to stay at home and temporarily stop working (for other people outside the home) is to enjoy moments like these. Sophia (4 months) cuddled against my chest sleeping (finally) in our wrap carrier. Fiona (3 years) is also sleeping, but I am starting to miss her. She has vast amounts of energy so one is totally drained by, say, 9 AM. But when the life of the party sleeps too long it's frankly too quiet for my taste.

She has decided her new name is John and I am Ringo. Sophia is George and my husband is Paul. Yes, we are The Beatles. She loves them. Fortunately, so do I.

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commanda-alexanda said...

I wondered what Veloute was (earlier post). I mean, I know you probably reminded me countless times, but I forgot. *g*

Heh heh, you're Ringo!! So funny. I love how she knows all their names. Has she watched Yellow Submarine yet? Damn, now I have to send her Miffy *and* Yellow Submarine stationery. (I have the pages with John on them, rock!) I'm such a bad lazy letter-writer.