Friday, February 25, 2005

Music with kids

I have rediscovered Peter, Paul and Mary. I loved a few of their songs as I was growing up, so I obtained a copy of "Peter, Paul and Mommy" for Fiona. She seems to really like it, but not as much as Yellow Submarine.

And I can listen to either over and over without going bitchmother bonkers (I have to admit I totally stole that phrase, but it is really apt)...unlike, say, that charming melody called "Wheels on the Bus".

I want to write something pithy about the decline of our country into a Black Age at the hand of the current administration, but I have been unable to keep up with the grim details. We have no television, I can't sit down long enough to read the newspaper (I can type very quickly), and when I listen to the radio, I'd rather hear music. I must make more effort to keep informed.

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