Thursday, March 03, 2005

My top five favorite foods

At least today, right now, in no particular order, and definitely not at once.

5. Bacon
4. Chocolate
3. in season strawberries (so....not going to happen today)
2. Almond pear tart
1. Doug's fried chicken

I feel silly listing my favorite foods because, really, you know, they change and they would fill a notebook. But that is what I want today. Oh, and shredded barbeque beef from the Chuckwagon with pickles. That is really not going to happen.

1 comment:

commanda-alexanda said...

Oooh, Chuckwagon. Hot damn. And don't forget their big plates of curly fries. And the Dr. Pepper in the old Ball jars? Remember? Hee! All piled on those bastard-abused old cafeteria-style trays? I can so smell it all right now, and feel the gnarly heavily-varnished wooden tabletops. Sigh...

No. That's really not going to happen. Crap.