Thursday, September 01, 2005

Day Two

Another exciting day of school! I am so relieved that it is working out well for us and she is enjoying it. I feel very lucky.

In all this excitement, Sophia's crawling has taken on new dimensions. She can go FAST. She is pushing up on her legs. I think she is so thrilled with this that she has decided that she must work harder and longer at it...meaning that she isn't so interesting in sleeping right now. She can now go after Fiona on the bed and will climb all over her which makes them both shriek with glee. This is cute, but at night it can get a little, well, tiresome. She also does this knarly thing where she wakes up at 2ish and is awake until 5ish. She's not unhappy (well, she's not thrilled, either, because mama isn't playing at 3 a.m.) but she is quite awake. Quite.


Alex said...

That is so cool that Fiona's having a great time at school, and that Sophia's more mobile!! But-- @_@ Woe! I hope mama gets some nap time during the day??

Veloute said...

Mama is unable to nap during the day. Too much on the mind, esp. lately :(

When there was just one, I did nap during the day. Ah, that was nice ;)