Thursday, September 01, 2005

The First Day

The official first day was yesterday. I walked Fiona to the door (after taking her picture :) ) from the car and she went right to her teacher and disappeared into the classroom. Not even a look back at poor mom, ha! So....I walked back to the car and Sophia and I wandered the streets of Montpelier for an hour. We went to pick Fiona up, and I got a big MOMMY! :)

I took her to the library to wait around a bit so we could see Doug for lunch and we ran into Hannah, who is in her class. Hannah and her dad went right up to Fiona and she said "Fiona!". Fiona went up to her and hugged her. I find out later that in class Hannah was a little sad (but did ok, I guess it was just that initial drop off...I know I was definitely a little sad!) and Fiona was concerned. Fiona also said that she was not sad at all; she was happy and excited!

I only know about that last bit because I have been emailing her teacher with questions because email is so easy and talking to them before or after class is just not a possibility, really. So far I LOVE her teachers and Fiona seems to like them as well. Her teacher has said that in class Fiona is very friendly and seems to have a very happy spirit (a happy sleepless spirit, I would like to add). Fiona did not talk much about school (I suspected that would happen) but played "school" all afternoon. I know she looked at some books, but that is all she said she could remember

So it seems like the important things about school are going to be ok...I say important because it isn't perfect. If you try to park anywhere but the street, like if it's raining, for instance, someone tells you that that is THEIR space, by god (in a sort of nice way, but still rather bear-like). See, the school shares a space with dentists and psychologists (have had the most trouble with one of these...) and I guess also two of the spaces are for "tenants" somewhere. ALL of the spaces have signs or numbers for offices but not for the school. Never mind that no one is parking in this space more than 5 minutes (there really is no space to linger, the whole pick up and drop off is very in and out here). As I have said (I think) this school is new and this location is temporary. I just fear that it will only get more interesting when we have piles of snow everywhere! In the grand scheme of things, however, it is really a minor annoyance.

Hopefully the upcoming days of school will be just as fun for her!