Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dying of the Cute

Ever have those days where you just lounge and gaze at the chaos that is your home? Yep, that is today over here. Fiona did throw up, so that's mostly the reason. No apple picking. We hope to go later, especially with Triana in late September. The TV has been on every minute of the day. I rented movies (we don't have broadcast TV, so we rely on our DVD/VCR contraption).

I keep forgetting to mention two things. One. I got most of my hair chopped off and it's now at my chin line. I may get it shorter. I have this really thick, curly/wavy, tends-to-frizz hair. I always get the comment from hairdressers: "Wow. You have a lot of hair". It was pretty long, down to mid back or so. Now I can actually get my fingers through it in the shower while conditioning it. And it's also a lot lighter (in weight). I splurged and got highlights, too. Copper and blonde. Maybe I'll post a picture. Maybe not.

Two. Fiona is taking dance classes! She started last Thursday. Yesterday (when I could swear she was totally better) we went out after Doug got off work and bought her a very blue long sleeved leotard, black tights, black ballet shoes, and this totally adorable blue tutu that isn't foo-foo so much as it hangs in strips and has blue roses on the ends. She loves all of it and she, naturally, is so freaking cute--so much so that I can't even bear it. Sophia joined in and said "Oh, Feenona! Cute dress!" Hard not to buy two. We still need tap shoes, but we are borrowing the school's for now.

After today, I would like to put the TV in the attic for a few months. It won't happen, it's too heavy, but maybe I could hide it...


Ellen Aim said...

You must post pics of both you and Fiona. I can almost picture Fiona, but need to see. Sounds horrendously cute, I cannot wait.

And she must keep taking dance! Otherwise she will be so left out when she takes theatre classes in university, trust me.

triana said...

Hootie hoo!!

I'm excited about apple pickin', short hair and dancin'. And the mini doughnuts. doughnuts!!

I'm not sure I can ballet, only tap though.

Veloute said...

I don't know if the mini doughnuts will be here the last weekend of Sept. :( But the apples will be :)

We will make our own doughnuts instead!

Ellen Aim said...

And omfg, do you know that Triana person? What a snob! My blog says, like, I have to be invited or something? I'm so smearing lipstick all over her locker after English.

Anonymous said...


It's back! I don't know what the hell happened. I was wronged! You know how beta hates me. I know they're sabotaging me on purpose now!


Anonymous said...

oh WEIRD! I can comment as ME! SWEET!

Veloute said...

Oh, I totally know! I, like, went to her blog, and, I was all, like, well aren't we exclusive? Who do I, like, have to be to get invited?

I'm so going to tell Billy she has a total crush on him. Good times.

(Hee hee, we love you Triana ;) )

Anonymous said...