Tuesday, November 28, 2006

God Damn It!

Fiona is sleeping in her own room now. I do not know how long this will last. I am dying now to paint her room and make it more her own...if only the farking wallpaper wasn't there! How I hate wallpaper.

I must confess to you all that I went to Hellmart (ahem, Walmart) today. I hate Walmart, ok? I don't know where else to go for some things, however. It's fairly rural here. I really only went for Christmas lights for the porch (they were already out of the hanging blue and white ones! I had to get just white.). Anyway, one reason I hate these big stores (I know Target must not be much better, but I have to say I like it a lot more than Walmart. Alas, there is no Target in Vermont.) is that I walk in for one thing, and if I'm not careful, I walk out with a lot more. That is what I did today. Well, Hershey's Kisses have all these cool flavors all of a sudden. They appear to be seasonal. Then I saw the chocolate mint candy canes. I got Fiona new bed sheets for Christmas. I got an Elefun game I've been meaning to get for them. Some play dough for the stockings. Some holiday cupcake papers. Damn you, Walmart.

I'm eating wonderful turkey pot pie made by Douglas last night. He mixed the turkey with carrots, leeks and potatoes (All hail the mighty leek!) in a veloute sauce, then put the leftover stuffing on top of that and some of the leftover gravy on top of that. Then he made biscuits and put them on top of that. It's real comfort food.

I did a tea swap with some far away friends and I just got some Hazelnut Lipton. This person is in Canada (thank you, Chantal!) and I am wondering if there is any in the U.S. It's pretty good! I don't usually sweeten my tea (unless it's Chai), but I did submit to adding some chocolate syrup along with my milk to the tea. It's good without the chocolate, too, though. I love that the back is in French. Maybe I can get more next time we go to Montreal. Really, I should go to a grocery in Montreal anyway, just to compare.

Fiona has started saying "goddamnit" on a regular basis. We've told her it's okay to say at home, but not outside the house or when we have guests. This prompted a slew of "goddamnit"s so she could try it out (I suppose). We then told her we would appreciate it if she did not use the word gratuitously. Yes, she asked what that word meant. I've discovered that there are many, many words I have a very hard time actually defining. Unfortunately, Sophia is a little tape recorder. She says everything Fiona does. It is actually very cute but you just know it's going to pop out at a very inconvenient time.

It's time for some homemade butterscotch pudding.


Ellen Aim said...

I swear to god I did not say it around her, I PROMISE!!


alex said...

it probably probably probably wasn't me either. XD

OMG so cool she's sleeping on her own!! WOW! I'm so proud. :)

Veloute said...

No, it was me and it was Doug. Mostly me, I am sure. Having a 4 year old and a 2 year old who is very independent and curious induces lots of colorful language. You guys are totally off the hook.

Veloute said...

Doug here.

Actually I believe she says gosh damn it.

Lone Star Ma said...

Hi, Doug!!!!

We try to take a bit harder line as the LSG has gotten a bit enthusiastically into cussing at times, but it doesn't work much for us since I have such a bad mouth. The LSB often wanders around these days saying "Dammit is naughty. Uh-Oh is nice. And gosh. Dammit is naughty..."

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug!

I actually had fears it was me for a bit, but I think I've been mostly good around the girls. I know I can get going thought. *cough* It's not my fault! Really!

Veloute said...

Hee hee. Hi Arf. Now that I think about it, I think you are right. Gosh damn it.

LOL LSM! That is cute.

Ha! Triana, it wasn't you either. Even if it were any of you, it would still be ok, though ;)