Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Media Surge

On a media related note, I actually got to see Casino Royale, the new Bond movie. I really enjoyed it, but this new Bond is rather, uh, buff. It's sort of odd. The movie also seemed a lot more violent. More action and less witty reparte. Not that there aren't some cute lines in the movie. And Daniel Craig is a good Bond. I think he's perfect for being "early Bond". Doug sent me out for time alone and it makes such a difference to get away for a few hours (that was a long movie!). I also got to stop off before the movie at the toy store and the book store. I need to get two very cool children's books for the girls (almost 5 years old and 2 years old). Any suggestions? We have a tradition where we leave a wrapped book on the edge of their bed for Christmas morning and we write a little something and the date on the inside. But it has to be a very cool, special book and I'm totally stumped this year.

I ended up getting Richard Dawkin's The Ancestor's Tale which is a look at evolution starting from the present and working back to the beginning. It is a really thick book. I just read The God Delusion and I was really impressed with it. I actually read it very slowly (I usually speed read through things--I can't seem to help myself) and could not put it down at the same time. His name was bugging me because it sounded so familiar and then I read that he wrote The Selfish Gene which I read when I was at UT Austin. Most book stores don't seem to have anything by Dr. Dawkins except the recent bestseller, so I was pleasantly surprised to see something different. It's not the book I would have picked out from a list, but it is something I do want to read. It's just going to take me a very long time.


Lone Star Ma said...

The LSB is a big fan of Oh, The Places You''ll Go.

Maybe Little House In The Big Woods for Fiona?

I usually get the LSG a series each year for reading together, but I have been so bad we haven't even STARTED the series I got her last year....

Anonymous said...

This damn thing just deleted my post!

As I was saying...

"Scrambled Eggs Super"!!!
LOVED This book as a kid. I loved all the eggs they collected up and all the colors. Of course I spent some time looking in the fridge for wild colored eggs.

"Tuesday"? Have I inflicted this on you already? Excellent picture book about frogs. There's a follow up called "Wednesday".

I can think of lots of books that will be good for say age 8-10 and on...I suppose that doesn't help today.

Let me marinate some more!

Veloute said...

LSM - Yes, we love "Oh, the Places You'll Go" We have Little House in the Big Woods, but she's not quite up for the big chapter books yet. I think. We've tried but her attention span doesn't hold (well, we haven't tried that book yet but I've tried some old fairy tale books). I am sure we will try again soon!

T- yes, Fiona LOVES "Tuesday" as do I, naturally. I'll look into Wednesday! Is it about flying pigs? Ha! I will look for "Scrambled Eggs Super"! Thank you!

Fiona loves the I Spy books and Where's Waldo? It's just that we can get all the I Spy books at the library any time we want, so I hesistate to get one plus it's not really the Very Special Christmas book sort of book I want, kwim? I love those books, too, though, lol.