Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fairy Pox

Well, it's finally April. I have discovered that if you accidentally throw your husband's iPod in the washing machine--it was only in there a few minutes--and then let it sit in a warm cupboard for 5 days, it is just fine. Whew.

We haven't hung the eggs outside because Fiona does not want them to get destroyed. Understandable. So I'm hoping to bring in a branch or something from outside to hang them on. It's so wet and cold, I haven't done it yet. Now I have a sore throat and Sophia has chickenpox. That should make the next, oh, 2 weeks interesting because Fiona has no sign of it yet. I have been informed that Doug has only had a mild case, which I knew, but still means he's probably immune...except that his mild case was when he was twenty-one. So please hope with me that he is really immune.

Sophia is actually sleeping really well and seems to be in only minor discomfort, but she only has about 15 spots. I woke up at 12:30 AM, unable to return to sleep (it's 4:04 AM now). So hear I sit with chamomile tea, listening to the rain.

Fiona's current fascination is with the Rainbow Fairy books and the Weather Fairy books by the same author. She carries them everywhere, wrapped in a ribbon by Doug. She reads them all the time. I read them almost all the time. I try to read other things, too. Sometimes if you don't call her Ruby or Amber (some of the fairy names), she gets quite annoyed with you. There is not necessarily any warning when Fiona and Ruby change places. The books must be in order. MUST. She checks them at night before the lights go out. They must be near her at all times.

We went to a maple house last Friday for a school field trip. It was fun, but cold. We got to taste sap right out of the tree. It tastes like earthy water and not even that sweet. The farmer asked all the kids what their favorite animals are on the farm, and Fiona said "fairies". You could tell she knew she was being silly by the look on her face. It was this sort of shy smile, but she had mischief in her eyes.

The weekend before that, we went to Morse Farm and had "The Works". This consists of: a plate of shaved ice, a cup of maple syrup, one fluffy doughnut, two pickles, and a hot beverage. You pour the syrup (just a little) on the ice (this is the "sugar on snow") and let it cool. Pick it up with your fork and eat; it is like chewy maple candy. I guess you just dip the doughnut and pickles in the syrup. We did and it was good, but Fiona ate most of the pickles before the dipping started.

I am quite aware that my "Dish of the Week" is more like "Dish of the Month". I'll try to do better. I remember to take a picture after we've eaten the food. I just need to remember sooner.


Lone Star Ma said...

Lovely post. I hope Sophia is well and all the rest of you are also!

Your dish looks good enough to be Dish of the Year!

Triana said...

Ok, now I have "Ruby Ruby Ruby won't yoooouuu be miiiiine!" stuck in my head and I kinda wanna dance.

Gads to the pox! But good to get it over with and woo hoo for a mild case!

Lone Star Ma said...

I hope y'all are doing okay!!!!

bigbrownhouse said...

Good to know about the iPod, not that I'm planning on machine washing mine anytime. You just never know...