Saturday, September 01, 2007

I'm Not Scared!

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So while we were in Burlington, eating pungent things and drinking evil corporate autumnal goodness, we went to Borders. Sophia lit upon a book with an owl on the cover, and she said she wanted me to read the owl book. The owl book is I'm Not Scared by Jonathan Allen, and it is very cute. I read it twice and we bought the book. Sophia has repeatedly been saying "I'm scared" in various situations. I'm not even sure she exactly knows what it means. She is definitely imitating Fiona (who, in addition to potions and nightlights and dragon protectors, now has a net over her bed). She also imitates "My stomach hurts".

We read it at least six times tonight and, so far, it is fun to read, even over and over.

I may have to find a copy of I'm Not Cute!. These days, if you tell Sophia she is cute, or beautiful, she says, "I'm NOT cute! I'm NOT beautiful". Then she will say, "I'm just Ee-aa" (her nickname). Yesterday she said, "I'm just a girl".

If I kiss her, she says, "No kisses!" If I hug her, she says, "No! No hugs!"

Then later I am treated to how a bull would hug. She runs at me, headfirst, and crushes into me with her head, then wraps her arms around me.