Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This Made Me Laugh

So we get this rather thick Parent & Student Handbook during last night's orientation. This is perhaps a taste of what we are getting into. From the handbook:

The Visitor (that's us, dropping her off and picking her up) parking area is in the front of the building. We are aware that there is not enough space. However, visitors must use this space. Do not park, double park or block traffic in front of the building or in the staff parking lot at anytime.

The road leading up to the school has several signs instructing you not to park there at certain times...essentially when school is in session.

Guess how many spaces are in the front of the school?


One handicapped.

I don't know why it went so smoothly this morning, but it did. Maybe a lot of kids take the bus. I know some walk. We'd walk, but we are just a little too far away. I can't just drop her off, either. For kindergarten, you have to walk them up. I actually like that, but I wonder where I will be putting the car while I take Sophia to go get her sister. Doug gets to drop her off, which is a much busier time than lunch time.


Ellen Aim said...

This is the parking area. Do not park here.

That's awesome.

Lone Star Ma said...

And only the beginning...(: