Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Sale, One Purple House

It's very busy around here with the packing and the cleaning. Today the house finally went on the market and our realtor took some indoor pictures.

We had a great visit with Kendra, and she took this very cute photo of Fiona and Sophia.

Here's us!

So we found a house in Texas on our last trip. It's in the school district we want and it's a cute house. We haven't closed on the house, though. That we can't do until after we get there. We should get there about mid June. Now we're just waiting for the movers to come look at our stuff to estimate what they'll need to do. Once we know the date they will come move our stuff, we can figure out what day we will actually leave.

Blogging will be quite sporadic (so...nothing new there) in the next 5 weeks and then I imagine it will be a bit dead from mid June for a couple of weeks. I'll try to write as often as possible between now and then. I'm trying to write at the worst possible time right now (4-5 PM is never a good time, and the kids are extremely loud today...full of energy even after waking us up at 5:30 AM. Happy Mother's Day!).

Oh, and I just remembered!

I got rear-ended a while ago! No kids were in the car and no one was hurt. I was making a left turn (I saw that Dog River Farm had the first fresh eggs of the season!) and the woman behind me put on her breaks, but they didn't catch. They caught the second time, which is good, because the speed limit on this road is 50 MPH. She was very nice and GEICO, her insurance company, is so far being fabulous. An insurance company being fabulous. Yes, I said that. The car is all fixed now. I believe this is my first accident as the driver. Hopefully, my last.


Lone Star Ma said...

I'm so glad you are okay!

And Happy Mothers'Day even amidst the confusion.

Come visit soon!

Triana said...

Aw, Purple House, how we love thee. Pick yourself up and move down to Texas and we'd keep ya!

I'm still stuck on "irony is a shade of off-white".

Gads to the car! I'm glad it's all fixed!

Hurry up and move, now, kkthx.

alex said...

Uwah, the purple house!! ♥ I'm sure it will get buyers who will love it.

Ho shit, sorry about your accident. O_O I'm so glad you were uninjured, and GEIGO was fabulous, and it's all fixed now.

(omg, Fiona and Sophia have gotten so big.)

Ellen Aim said...

I'm so glad her brakes caught the second time!

The first people who looked at my house said the kitchen was too purple. Who the hell doesn't like purple?

Losers can't have my house, unworthy.

Veloute said...

WTH? What, they can't paint ONE room?

TOO purple?

Completely unworthy.

Veloute said...

Oh, and we now have a pail of irony.

Veloute said...

Hope you had a great Mother's Day, LSM!!