Monday, May 18, 2009

In Other News

Well. Now I have nice clean, undented car. The body shop even cleaned the inside of the car. It's honestly like new.

First of all, everyone is totally fine. Okay? Just so you know.

Saturday, Doug took the kids to the co-op for quinoa (which had accidentally gotten thrown out with some older grains and beans in order to get the big chest freezer empty for moving or selling). I wanted quinoa for a salad that I intended to bring over that evening for dinner at Ame's house (which was WONDERFUL). On the way back home, Doug was hit by a girl in her dad's truck. He was in the left turn lane going west (in order to turn on the street to our town) and she pulled out of a Mobil parking lot in a very wide turn, trying to go east. She totally hit the front left of his car and continued her way down the rest of the left side of the car (the side Sophia was on, by the way). Doug could see this about to happen, so he slowed his car down quite a bit. Hopefully, this will all get taken care of smoothly with our insurance companies. The girl (and her dad, who came later) was very nice (and is also fine as well) and the kids have had no nightmares or anything. I'm still amazed this girl was born in 1990 (!!), but that doesn't mean I'm OLD or anything. No, no, no.

It took ME most of the day to recover (and Doug as well, who did not want to drive for a bit), especially as when Doug called, the first thing he said (or maybe the first thing I heard) was "there has been a bad accident". Just waiting for the grey hairs to start appearing now.

So we are out one car again, but the good news is that (hopefully) the repairs should be done by the time we need to drive down to Texas. The cars also need oil changes, etc, so hopefully we can also squeeze that in. Yes, that's really coming up fast now. I think we leave in about 3 1/2 weeks. HOLY SHIT. Sorry, I just realized I should probably stop writing and get back to trying to sell our crap on Craigslist. I want to have a garage sale this weekend, and I need to get ready for that, too. That will be difficult as I'll be spending most of the day Thursday at Fiona's field trip to the Billings Farm and Museum and I work Wednesday and Friday. So that leaves today to do...everything. Which is why I'm writing and drinking coffee.

I took the girls to Lilac Sunday at the Shelburne Museum for one last time.

I've just sent in Sophia's application for a Montessori preschool, so hopefully that will go smoothly. Suddenly I have 30 minutes to do 2 hours worth of work, so more news later! Oh! We finally have a showing this Wednesday at 4 PM. Now if they would only buy the house. At our asking price. That'd be GREAT.


Lone Star Ma said...

Oh, thank heavens they are okay. Can I please go kill that girl with the truck? Please? No; I'm sorry - impulse has passed. Sorry. Give Doug a hug for me.

Triana said...

Oh wow, 3 1/2 weeks?? I mean I knew it was like soon, but it's one of those things that's always in the future. Oh SQUEEEE!!!

Ok hurry up now. :) No pressure.

(I love that picture of Fiona with her lilac-blossom nose. Just makes me giggle!)

Ellen Aim said...

Great pics! they had lilac sunday in Boston, too, but it was kinda rainy and we did other things. Next year. ;)

Again, VERY glad everyone was ok. I still marvel at how she managed to do that (wtf????) but I guess we all have our moments...???

At least she was insured. And everyone was ok...!

I hope the showing goes well!!

Veloute said...

Yeah, I don't know quite how she did that, either? But whatev. We're all fine.

I love the lilac nose, too, lol.