Monday, August 10, 2009

Mundane Blatherings

Oy, I'm still here, but engulfed by the details of life.

I finally got to register Fiona for school today and she is very excited. We've decided to let her take the bus to and from school, which is part of her excitement. It picks her up at approximately the ass crack of dawn, but, apparently, school here starts just after the ass crack of dawn. I asked about the gifted and talented program (apparently everyone gets tested for that in Kindergarten), and we can ask about that through her teacher (we find out who that is on the 20th)...probably giving it about a month to see where she's at. Sophia still seems to be enjoying school, although her teacher indicated that in the last two days she is reluctant to do her work. I was planning on taking her out of school tomorrow so she and Fiona can go to the Space Center together (there is this monstrosity of a climbing thing she salivates over, and it's so big and so maze-like that I want them to stick together in there). She is very excited about this. Hopefully, that isn't a bad idea because I'd like to do it one more time next week and take them both to the beach.

I had this idea earlier that Sophia would stay at her school until 6 instead of 2 when the school year started. Fiona's bus can actually drop Fiona off there after school, so I could pick them up at the same time. Fiona loves this idea. Now, however, it seems silly because A) I don't have a job yet. I haven't even started looking. B) 6 makes for a LONG day for them C) That'd be quite a bit extra spare change. So, hopefully, when I do find a job, that is something I can change later...and hopefully they could be picked up earlier than 6 (I mean, they go to bed around 7-7:30). I'm still not sure if I even like Sophia's school. Her teacher in the morning seems nice enough. I guess I need to schedule a visit and a conference to talk about how Sophia is doing. Once Fiona is in school, I can pop by a lot more frequently.

The closing date on our house has been moved to the 25th, or possibly some time before that. I believe the walls and ceiling are finally done, but the floors need to be finished. The entire first floor will be sanded and polished so it will all match. So hopefully, that makes up for the slightly later closing date. I just want it to be over.

Random fact. Did you know when you get your Texas driver's license when you move in from out of state, they take your old one away? You don't get a Texas driver's license with a photo on it for 6-8 weeks. This makes things extremely inconvenient. Things like trying to get important FedEx packages, opening up new bank accounts, using your credit card/debit card/checks. Oh, the list. It goes on.

We braved Houston last weekend and went to the FABULOUS zoo. We got a family membership, which is well worth every penny. My computer doesn't seem to recognize my camera at the moment (sigh), but hopefully pictures will soon be forthcoming.

These pictures are from Alex's visit last weekend. We had so much fun! It went by too fast. Next time we'll take her into Houston. I think the girls would prefer if we lived even closer to our families!


Lone Star Ma said...

Such a busy time, but sounds like y'all are having lots of fun. I didn't know that about drivers' licenses.

Maggie May said...

Hey Veloute! :))) I cannot believe our girls are so big- and so beautiful. And yup. School/work/life? starts at the ass crack of dawn.