Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Little Skeptics

Two tidbits:

Sobo has been reading "The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill" by Dorothy Wall to the kids (Fiona started reading it on her own soon after). On page 12 it says, "The great day arrived. In a quiet corner of the bush, down by a little stream surrounded with bells and flannel flowers, everyone came from far and near to see young Bill christened". Fiona asked, "Why is his last name Christened"?

We went to Meet and Greet at Fiona's school. Her teacher gave each student a little gem-like thing to put under their pillows the night before the first day of school so that they would have good dreams about 2nd grade (I know this is sort of cheesy, but for the record, I thought it was cute). Fiona was telling this to Sophia later--that Fiona would have good dreams because of this gem. Sophia gave Fiona this confused look and said "No, you won't" in this incredulous tone of voice.

Lots going on here. However, our house has sold (with some conditions), but it is no longer ours.


Triana said...

Ok the gem thing is cute and she'll probably remember that always. Though Sophia's response makes me snicker. I'm guessing she won't be so easily swayed!

Hooray for the house being gone and the past finally settling in the past! I know I say it a lot, but it fits...More Wine!

SkylersDad said...

Congrats on the house sale.

Lone Star Ma said...

Selling the house sounds bittersweet.

Veloute said...

It's not just bittersweet, there's also no feeling of closure yet as we still have some loose ends with the repair work from the flooding. However, the end is upon us, I hope.

They are getting a great deal. I'm not sure they realize it?