Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thursday musings

Doug and I have this green journal from the Time Before Kids where we'd go out to eat and try a wine and evaluate it in the journal with the food we ordered to go with it. Fiona loves this journal (part of it may be the labels we've torn off and glued in it) but I don't want it to become a play thing (it's amazing the stuff that becomes a "play thing" and is often lost, sometimes destroyed, and frequently...altered). So Doug bought her her own journal and she keeps it with her in her bag with a pen and will hunker down at various times during the day and "write" in it. He also bought her her very own calculator (mine had become one of those "play things" solar scientific calulator that has not gotten so much use since about 1994). It is purple and round and is about the size of a normal chocolate chip cookie. The calculator seems to go with the journal.

We tried to go outside this morning, but it was a short visit because it is actually rather nippy again. But the daffodils and tulips are definitely coming out and the lilacs have plump buds.

Doug has taken the girls out for a couple of hours every night this week. Monday he bought chocolate ice cream cones for himself and Fiona. At one point he had to hold his cone in the hand that was right in front of Sophia. Apparently, she recognized food she could actually lick and get some excitement out of because she lunged for it. However, I am happy to report that chocolate ice cream is not her first food.

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