Monday, April 25, 2005

Touch My Kiwi! Love Him!

One of Fiona's latest quirks (one of many, it's hard to keep track of them all!) is to hold and soothe her food before she eats it.

So, this morning, she held her kiwi fruit, and stroked and murmured to it before she handed it over for butchering. (Yeah, Mama's tough and crusty. She'll hack into a kiwi without even a moment's hesitation).

And while reading "The Little Engine That Could", she spied a picture of a man fishing. This man had a caught fish next to him. She asked, "Mommy, how can that fish swim and play if it's there next to the man?" I said, "Well, that man is going to eat the fish" (a sense of deja vu here). She said "No, that fish needs to swim and play." So I said that maybe the fish would escape into the water while the man wasn't looking.

Maybe we'll all be vegans in a few years.

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