Monday, October 24, 2005

I Foresee a Long Dark Cold Winter

We're trying to decide if we can get along with just one car...the Subaru. The Honda's timing belt is likely what went out. Doug thinks that will be at least 500 bucks. It is a 1994 car, with over 200 thousand miles on it. It has served us well. It is also pretty rusted.



Alex said...

Aw, man. *hugs* That sincerely sucks. :/ Poor tired Henry! (This is Henry, right?)

Blue Gal said...

It's gonna be more than 500. We lost the timing belt on our Hyundai and the replacement cost more than the value of the car. FYI if you own it outright donate it to charity. They'll take it off your hands with broken timing belt and all.

Thanks for the linky on your sidebar. Adding you to my bloglines subs.

Triana said...

Aw!! Poor Henry! If he's still in good repair otherwise I'd say $500 was worth for him, but you guys would know better. Cedric goes in tomorrow for a full check-up, I'm frightened of the bill. But needs to be done so he can last as long as Henry has (I believe I have at least 100k miles to catch up with you guys in spite just the one year age difference).

Ok, it's 37 this morning, can I call it chilly? Though really I'm freezing to death. I keep thinking I wasn't this cold in Vermont, but then in Vermont I'd be wearing more clothes knowing it wasn't going to be 75 this afternoon. As it is today I've got on a tshirt and a sweater. And I'm FREEZING.


Veloute said...

Of course you can call it chilly ;) I hate those days where it is cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon (ok, warm, lol). It was like that here for a while.

Henry isn't really what I would call in good repair if only b/c of the rust he has accumulated. But maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves! This is based on what the tow man told me and he seemed sort of out of it. The Honda place has yet to look at it. Ok, that is probably wishful thinking, isn't it? 200K is a lot o' miles.

He's the first major purchase we made as a couple, lol :)

Lone Star Ma said... still have that car? Sorry it is going to the happy driving grounds...

How far away does Doug work? Does he have the kind of job where he stays put or has to drive during the day? If he stays put and is close enough, maybe you could drop him off and pick him up so you wouldn't be carless? Don't mind me...I go insane when stuck at home.

Thanks for the link!

Veloute said...

Yes, this is Henry. Sigh. Hm, I guess we will be donating him! We weren't even sure 500 was worth it, lol.

Love your blog, blue gal ;) Thanks for stopping by and for the blogline sub!

Veloute said...

hey, lsm, we are on at the same time! do you have any instant messengers?

yes, lol, we still have that car. i love honda!

he stays put during the day and i probably will be driving him to work and fiona to school and then picking her up at noon and then picking doug up at 5ish. work/school is 20 minutes away. it's totally do-able. it does make me wish we lived right in town like we did when renting...we just walked to everything.

i've been meaning to link you for ages!

Triana said...

Aw....but might I suggest a Honda Odyssey? :) Evil, I know! I kept meaning to tell you I road in one the other day, my coworker has one. It's quite spacious. (though I'll be extremely sad to see Henry go, so much history! I'm sure there will be sobbing when I let Cedric go).

LSM, cold down there too?

Veloute said...

You mock me! We do want an Odyssey...I still cringe a little at the fact that it's a *mini-van*--but hey, it's a nice one. The problem is this: Henry had fantastic gas mileage. The Subaru...not so much. The car that Doug will drive we want to have great gas mileage (really, both would be ideal...the Subaru is great for winter and all, but we don't really need all wheel drive where we are). In other words, if we bought an Odyssey now, he'd drive the Subaru to work.

Oh, and plus, we don't have the money. That, too.

And in related news, I have discovered that we are the only people who don't have AAA.

Do I sound like a commercial or what?

Triana said...

Hee hee :) That accursed money thing always gets in the way of our dreams too. We'd really kill for one of those Civic hybrids (I wish we had bought one this round, but we couldn't afford it either. next one though!). I'm just really glad we didn't buy the truck we were looking at. Yikes!

One care would suck, but we've both done it for ages. You'll have 2 again soon!

What? Work? They don't pay me to just sit here and blab? Siiiiigh.

Veloute said...

Yes, yes! We have also looked longingly at the hybrid that Civic offers. Sigh.

Subaru isn't quite as reliable as our Honda, too. It seems to need a little more tlc. At least we have a car, however! We will own that one outright this summer.

If only our other loans were so close to being paid off...

Lone Star Ma said...

No instant messengers.

It's not cold anymore, Triana; that was this morning.

I want a toyota hybrid. Not really, though. I want my corolla and his camry to last until they have fuel cell cars! Cheap ones!