Thursday, October 06, 2005

Jeepers, Peepers!

Ah, yes, it's that time of year in Vermont when the tall, tall tour buses come rolling into town. The license plates are a lot more colorful (Vermont license plates are just green. That's it. Green. With white numbers/letters.) and I think I have seen every state since living here. I should keep track. I've even seen Hawai'i!

Doug tells me "foliage is 10 days behind this year" which I am going to guess he heard on the radio as I'm pretty sure he's not making detailed observations on peak foliage year after is pretty outside, but kind of muted. I wouldn't really call it vibrant, at least not yet. Sort of rusty, if that makes sense.

Ah, to be in the food industry at this time of year once again!

We have done our apple duty and picked half a bushel of apples which I am making into all sorts of things. I do have to make a freaking huge apple pie for Thanksgiving because I have the pan for it, so I must use it (thanks to my friend Ana's mom!!!). I have a recipe for a 12" pie...this is a whopping FIFTEEN inches. Wooo hoooo! My friends Kendra and Jeff will be here and we will be very happy. I wonder if we should just have a dinner of pie, actually. I mean like a pie buffet, of course, not just one pie even if it is disgracefully huge.

We still have wasps and now, yes, the cluster flies are here. Yuk.


Triana said...

Yes. Yes there should be a dinner of pie. I am seeing no flaw to this plan.

Alex said...

ohmygod15"applepie ***wants***


Sounds like you guys are having great fun. I wish I lived next door so I could hang out with my nieces and you could go on dates!

Eagerly awaiting video. And maybe an emailed photo of the apple pie so I can lick my monitor.

Veloute said...

Good, I see no flaw, either. But we do need turkey on some day. Maybe a day of "the usual" fare and a day of...pie? Pie for breakfast, pie for lunch, pie for dinner. We could have a savory pie for lunch or just go whole hog on the sugar.

Alex, hopefully video will be coming home with Sobo along with your jeans and Fruits Basket!!

If I make a successful 15" apple pie, I sure as hell will photograph and exploit it.