Saturday, October 22, 2005

This Week in Review

Well, Sobo is gone :( and we already miss her. Her leaving coincides with Fiona's school having 3 days off so this has been a weird week. It's been nice having her home, though. We went to the library where she picked out some books and played with the Crayola "coloring book" on the computer. She goes up to the desk and asks for the disc herself and while she is there she notices a "body book" on the return shelf. This "body book" is one of a series--we have the one about the whole body courtesy of Sobo--the one on the shelf was a book about the brain. She was so excited she ran behind the desk and asked if she could check it out. She doesn't mind there are no kidneys in it.

Friday we got to go over to Gryffon's house and play and they both had a marvelous time. Sophia played with toys and Gryffon's brother Gabriel tried to play with the big kids (I think Gabriel is about 17 months old, Gryffon is the same age as Fiona). Sophia LOVED the baby swing outside. Then we got to eat Thai food with Doug and his work collegues. I love the food there but it is stressful because Sophia is always unhappy at that time of day and is tired.

Wednesday we had the parent teacher conference! Fiona is indeed doing very well in school. Colleen's first comment was that Fiona has a lot of energy. Fiona is doing better at using her words instead of screaming (she is at home, too, but OH she still screams) and better at using her words when people invade her personal space, which she is very protective of---interesting because she is not really aware of *other* people's personal space. So, ok, I know all that already. She says her fine motor skills are fantastic--she is doing embroidery shapes and drawing shapes with the metal inset shapes---stuff that Colleen normally does with the 4 and 5 year olds. Fiona is well liked and is very social---definitely more of a leader personality than a follower. Colleen likes that she stands up for herself instead of playing victim.

I wonder if these are characteristics that last or if 3 is too early to tell?


Lone Star Ma said...

They last. (Unless they get squashed, which you won't let happen). What a firecracker. Is she still channeling John Lennon? LSB has issues with personal space as well...bites people who invade hers but totally invades it in another baby if senses the other is weak. Fiona sounds brilliant!

Veloute said...

She still loves John but she doesn't write his name anymore. She still wants these collector Beatles cards for Christmas and likes to hear Yellow Submarine ;)

It's just that she used to be such an observer and so shy. I guess she was also so young...

Hopefully I can protect her from being squashed :(

I'm sorry LSB is still biting. That must make you a nervous wreck!

Lone Star Ma said...

She actually hasn't done it in a few weeks, thank goodness, but she keeps talking about it, like she really, really wants to...and sometimes she will culminate the talking about it with biting her own arm.