Saturday, March 25, 2006


One of Sophia's favorite words is "Boots!" (with the !). She will put the snow boots on (eh, they aren't that dirty) and clonk around the house.

Another favorite word is "Daddy". "Daddy" has come to mean all that is good and wonderful in the world. Of course she says it when Doug comes home, in a gleeful voice. She also says it when I appear at the end of nap time, when I come to take her out of her car seat, and other such instances. I think the only time she says "Maaaa MEEE!" is when she wants more food. She has gotten very insistent about nursing, and makes the sign for milk while saying "eh eh eh eh". That may be because of the antibiotics---she is not eating as much as she normally does, and is nursing more (let's just say I have to change diapers and clothes more often because of the antibiotics).

I didn't get the chance to remark how well Fiona did at the hospital when we left for there frantically via ambulance and car. After her inital worry, she found the hospital adventure exciting. She loved the juice and cocoa in the patient "kitchen" area. She frequently said she was bored, but she did not really act out. If this had happened while Doug had been at work or had been out of town, I would really have had my hands full!