Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bravery is...

changing your very mobile, very kicky, very squirmy toddler's diaper while she is wearing snow boots.

Sophia is growing in a million different ways--she seems to pick up a new word an hour and is determined to put on her own coat and boot for inside wear. She wants to brush her own hair, her own teeth (she just sucks on the toothbrush) and she likes to screeeeeeeech. She's 17 months.

Fiona doesn't like the screeching, and she thinks Sophia is just too loud. Fiona, at 4, is not exactly quiet--unless she is in the car, and then for some reason, she speaks very softly. So softly that I don't know she is speaking to me until she starts having a small fit.

Bravery is also surviving a febrile seizure. We had our first taste of what that is like last Sunday. It happened to Sophia about 830 AM. I won't go into the horrific details of what it's like to watch your baby having a seizure, but we did take an ambulance to the E.R. and were told they are fairly common and harmless. If she has another one, they do want to see her again, however.