Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Right now, our kitchen trash can is being used in the bathtub. It's maybe a little less strange if I tell you that the bathroom is right next to the kitchen. No? It's the only way we can keep Sophia from throwing toys, clothes, and assorted non-trash things away. It's still not foolproof. If the trashcan is moved to the bathroom floor, I find bath toys in it.

"Wah-wah" is what "water" sounds like when Sophia says it. Yesterday, we met friends at the playground and there happens to be a shallow river next to it that has some sand, but mostly rocks. It is very, very cold. I knew this without touching it, but now I really know. Sophia was entranced by the moving river. She wanted to go right in. The cold didn't really seem to bother her and she proceed to soak her mittens in it. Fortunately, she only went in up to her snow boots, but she was very determined to check it out. Back on the playground, she looked back at the river and wistfully said, "wah-wah". We also rediscovered the swing. She was grumpy and upset about leaving the water, but the swing made everything happy again. She proceeded to coo.

Fiona has a bad cough, which only shows up at night, and therefore keeps her up, so she stayed home from school today and is spending the afternoon sleeping. Poor thing. It's the warmest day of the year by far and very sunny. I think it got above 60 F or darn near close. Sophia and I went on a walk (Doug is home sick as well) and found the ducks in the river. I even took pictures. My goal this summer is to take lots and lots of pictures. The ducks were a big hit. She said "ducks!" "birds!" "wah-wah!". She made the sign for birds as well. She sort of makes the sign for water.

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Alex said...

Aw! Sorry you guys are sick. (I did the cough thing in February and... *nods* right there with ya.)

Hee. I hope it warms up soon so Sophia can maybe enjoy some pool time, get in some quality "wah-wah" love! :D