Thursday, August 31, 2006

Purple Unicorn Sisters

Fiona started school yesterday and the only negative thing she said about it was that it was too short to do anything and she "hated that". School is only an hour a day this week with 3 separate groups of kids. Next week is 2 hours a day and the groups sort of blend together rather than stay separate. The last week is normal---3 hours and they're all together, all 17 of them (egads). She also said that there were a lot of tables and chairs but not a lot of things to play with. Hm. Well, we'll see.

What many of the parents seem to dislike (me included I must say) is that we are supposed to drive in the far entrance, circle around the back and pull up to the child's entrance to the school and wait. The teacher comes out, takes the child out of your car, and walks with them into the school. So there is this line of cars in the parking lot, idling. This is not so bad now, because we don't all come at the same time, but soon all of us (including the second classroom to our 15 families--15 rather than 17 because 2 families have siblings in the class) will come and go at the same time. Well, we'll see how it goes. It does mean Sophia can hang out in the car with me and stay warm in the winter, I guess. But it just seems rather ineffecient. Many people are short on time and have to get back to work. Of course they'd rather just get out and get their child and take them on to day care or whatever (most kids leave at noon, the older kids leave at 2?--although they have an aftercare program now).

I went to the consignment store the other day and I found a like new unicorn costume for Fiona. She loves it. She slept in it once, but she got too hot. I hope she doesn't decide she has to wear it to school. Then I looked through the costumes some more and there was a second one---in Sophia's size! They spent one afternoon flying around the house and now Sophia seems to be over it. We'll see. I took many pictures.

When Fiona pretends to be a unicorn, she is very, very quiet. She crawls over to me (with her head down so it looks like the unicorn head on top is the head) and waits until I see her and then I get to stroke her mane. She tells me in this little funny voice that Fiona is gone but she is here and Fiona will be back later---in sixty fourty days (or some big number). The amazing thing is, is that she is very, very quiet (unless Sophia is with her and then there is lots of shrieking laughter, and ultimately, crying because someone always falls down). I like the unicorn costumes.


Triana said...

Ooo..Unicorn costumes! That's awesome! Man, I have got to think of something before I have to come in my renfair costume. Aieee!

Veloute said...

And what's wrong with a renfair costume? If I can't think of something, and soon, we'll both be in that sort of gear.

They are supposed to be dragons and we still plan on dressing them as such. The unicorns are more for fun and really--can't hurt to have a back up plan ;)

Lone Star Ma said...

Quiet unicorns - brilliant.

The LSB's Montessori schol also as disturbing drop-off and pick-up policies - the kind that kind of keep parents from being part of the community. That's my only gripe.