Thursday, August 24, 2006


Fiona loves to take her vitamins, even before they were dinosaurs. She also takes (sometimes) her fish oil capsules. She sometimes takes these "green" vitamins which amazes me because I think they taste awful.

We have these calcium chews for both the girls and they taste pretty good. Fiona wants so badly to like them, but she doesn't. I said to her: "They are supposed to taste like vanilla milkshake, you know" (as I am reading the bottle yet again). She said, "Too bad they don't".


Ellen Aim said...

I LOVE Fiona.

Lone Star Ma said...

She's pretty special. You are, too, the supplement-obsession not withstanding. It could be little flakes of skin after all.

Veloute said...

Are ya mocking ma fried pork skins again, lsm? ;) I haven't eaten those in ages, but I would! (The spicy kind is what I like and I have to watch spicy food now).

Thank you :) I think you and your amazing girls are amazing, too!

I could write a post waxing on the beauty of perfect crispy chicken or duck skin, though.

Ellen---just wait until you see her in action. *Dr Evil laughter*

Veloute said...

And I do NOT have an obsession. I can stop anytime.

(Ok, I admit I want to be nutritionally thorough, but one reason is b/c of the lead paint--I need to make sure they get enough calcium and iron so they don't absorb lead. And DHA is just so good for their little growing brains.)