Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You've Got a Little...Um, Yeah...Right There...

Fiona is taking afternoon classes at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science---the same place where she (and I) got to hold a Madagascar Hissing Roach (which she did again today, actually). Monday they learned about worms and yesterday they learned about slugs and snails. It's great. It's right at Sophia's ideal nap time, so she has just been napping on the go. The problem is, Fiona is totally wiped out at the end of this class and Sophia is ready for action at the end of her class.

This morning we played with a couple of their friends and had a great time. We played on a playground (we had to do some searching) and then went back to their house. I unfortunately forgot the tube of sunblock was in my back pocket when we got in the car to go back to their place. I would not even have noticed except I picked up Sophia from her car seat and then put her down in the back of the station wagon to change her diaper and there was a vast amount of cream on her leg. I was perplexed and then noticed it was all over me and my shorts. So I took the excess cream and slathered Fiona and myself and Sophia. I think it was half the tube. It's also all over the seat. So. Don't sit on tubes of cream.

Her friend, Nick, was telling us all about this boy in their neighborhood who "isn't very nice" and nearly ran over himself and his sister Linnea on his bike. This boy was riding past us on the street while Nick was telling us this. Fiona responded (boy nowhere in sight thank goodness): "Don't worry, we'll just kill him later". I swear to you, this is a non-violent household and we restrict what they watch to avoid this sort of thing (well, and other things) but something must have slipped through.


Ellen Aim said...

LOL!! LOVE Fiona. And see, apparently it just doesn't matter what they watch! Bring on the Terminator movies.

And those ROACHES!! O_O

No fuckin' way, my friend.

Veloute said...

The picture makes them look really bad ass, but they don't quite so bad...even though they are, of course, moving. And hissing. Doug asked Fiona (who is loving the insect part of the class) if she wanted an insect pet. This is definitely on the list of "Things to Clear with your Mate Before You Offer to your Child". She sort of blew it off. For now.

The concept of killing and death is something she is trying to understand right now. I suspect, actually, the dinosaur books we've been reading. You can't get around some things...meat eaters kill to get their food.

Triana said...



Lone Star Ma said...

Yeah, hissing Satanic monsters Oh, good.

She could get LADYBUG pets. Even I don't mind ladybugs and, at the right time of year, you can get like 5,000 in a tub at the garden store for under $6. I have had the Brownies do ladybug releases in our plant beds before. They love it.