Sunday, December 03, 2006

O Christmas Tree!

We bought a huge fluffy tree for $20. Get this. They also deliver for free. The only problem with that is, we aren't sure when they will deliver it. I think it's supposed to be this weekend, but it didn't come yesterday. The price was so great, that we also got a $15 wreath. Apparently we can write it off on our taxes (which I'm sure we won't, ha!) because we are buying them from the Northfield Ambulance Depot. I guess the trees are donated to them? I should find out.

We are in the process of making a gingerbread house from scratch. I have never made a gingerbread house, period. I have the walls and the roof made. I made stained glass windows. Today we have to glue it together and possibly decorate it, but I think that will probably happen later. The dough is tasty and light but it puffed up way too much. We're just going for fun here, but next time I'm going to try a different dough recipe. If I rolled it out any thinner, it would have fallen apart as it was also a very soft dough. I think I need a dough with fewer eggs. Fiona is very excited but she wants to eat all the candy decorations.

We had decided there would be no fires in the wood stove this year because we could just not find firewood and Sophia insists on getting behind the gate. But lo and behold! I found firewood and Doug stacked it all up (the only place to put a cord of wood or two is right in the driveway). Doug also bolted the gate to the wall, so Sophia is really blocked away from the wood stove. Now we have toasty fires. It's also nice to have in case the power every goes out. I hope we never have a nasty ice storm (as has happened here before, of course, but it was before our time here), but it's nice to be prepared. On that note, we need pantry supplies!

And on a last and even more exciting note, I finally ordered snowboots for Sophia. Now if it would only snow!


Anonymous said...

Make sure to use LOTS of frosting as glue, or even make a chocolate sauce because it dries fast! We made one in h.s. foods class once. I used to cheat and bring in Entemann's cheesecake and my friend and I would say we made it. Our teacher was none the wiser. We both got A's!!! lol

Oh Christmas tree! 20 buckaroos, what a steal! happy early holidays, Rachael love.

Veloute said...

Oh, the frosting I have used most heavily! Lots of snow on the house...It's done now except for the candy decorations. It's very exciting, lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, sounds delightful!! Piccies, please! :)

I'm terrified to put up our tree with the kittens and all. I think they would destroy it. Maybe we need a fire gate like you guys have around the tree. They'd find their way in, I'm sure of it.