Monday, August 22, 2005

8 Days

I saw the school inside today. It is bright and open; it has a nice "feel" to it. Things are getting organized and the kids' names are labeled on their cubby/basket spaces. It is neat to see her name there.

I met the assistant teacher, Michelle. I get to go back Thursday night for a "Back to School" night.

In totally unrelated news, there is a new bakery in town (well, the town that Doug works in and Fiona will go to school in). It is near Fiona's school and it is owned by Sandra Bullock's sister. In fact, Sandra Bullock was at the counter of said bakery helping out (I guess on opening day). This happened weeks and weeks ago---we aren't terribly news savvy these days. Apparently the line went on for miles. More to the point, though, I hear the offerings are good and I love a new bakery, so I can't wait to go visit.

A coffee shop had a sign outside saying "Sandra Bullock will not be working behind the counter today". That sign makes a lot more sense to me now.

We gave Sophia some cold melon soup today from the cafeteria at Doug's work. Strangely, this soup was chock full of garlic. Now, I love garlic. It was totally out of place in this soup, however, and especially in such mass quantities. I could see the raw sliced garlic in there. So now when I pick her up---hours later--she reeks of garlic. Her burps cut through the air.

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