Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Potions Master

So now that Fiona sleeps in her own bed, she doesn't really have someone to snuggle into if she has a nightmare. Well, she will still wake us (Doug) up, and we (he) will tuck her back into bed. One night, she had this nightmare where all these people were walking their dogs. She and I were walking, too, but without a dog (probably because we don't have one). We looked down and saw a dog leg. I said, "Oh, I didn't know bats ate dogs!". Everyone was very scared and ran away with their dogs.

I think I've got that right. Every time I think I understand, I don't and she shrieks at me in exasperation. Mommy is really. slow.

So, I think it was after that dream that Doug ran downstairs and got his bottled Gulf of Mexico. See, he had this sexy little bottle full of ocean water that he saved from a special trip; this is before we had met. So this is bottled Gulf o' Mexico aged over a decade. If you are like me, and certain that strange flesh-eating bacteria are probably thriving in the bottle by this time, let me assure you that all is well. He brings it to her and tells her it is a special potion that will keep away bats. It is clear that it isn't a potion you drink, you just have it. It worked. She carried it with her everywhere. We took it to Maine. She poured it out into the Atlantic Ocean and took a little Atlantic with her home.

Now the Atlantic has been colored red and glitter added (actually, I am not entirely sure it's still the ocean water). She decided on the way home that she wants to make potions and sell them in her potion shop. She is trying to figure out a way to do this without ocean water. She wants to make potions to keep away all types of scary creatures.


Ellen Aim said...

Damn that's cool. Can she make one for me that keeps away stupid people?

Veloute said...


No. Nothing keeps away the stupid people.

Lone Star Ma said...

Fiona is SO COOL. Reminds me of her dad's youthful affiliations.