Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Adventures

There it is. Or was. The tooth that is now a $5 garnet dragon gem.

There's our wounded Sophia. She looks a lot better actually. The swelling is all gone.

We went to the Shelburne Museum today and it was a sparkling day. We had a great time. But then we tried to do too much, I suppose, and went to the Flying Pig Bookstore, which looked awesome, but as Fiona had a major tantrum, we left immediately. We tried for a quick trip to Cheese Trader and Wine Sellers, but like many places in Vermont, they are closed on Sundays. It was not meant to be. She slept the whole way home, which is very unusual. On the way to Shelburne Museum, we ate lunch at Chef Leu's House, which is a Chinese restaurant nearby we have never tried before. It always looked rather empty. I have no idea why. The eggplant in garlic sauce special was excellent. We also had pork and green beans and chicken and broccoli. Both were great. Sophia ate rice and broccoli and Fiona had rice with pork and green beans. Everyone had tea. They both did very well there. I'm sure we'll go again. Next time I will order more adventurous dishes and/or more specials. I feel like I can even try the seafood here.

They both had a great time finding dragons in the restaurant. Fiona declared that the gold dragon (which was a miniature boat) at the front desk was an Asian Lung dragon.


Ellen Aim said...

Wowzers, Sophia's hair is red in inside pics, blonde in outside pics and brownish in real life. Very cool trait.

Soon she'll master that trick of crushing boys with a blink of her eye and she'll be all set.

Triana said...

Damn, I swear they're getting older and older.

*makes more notes* I wanna go to the cheese place and the flying pig place and I really wanna go dragon hunting!! (I know what an Asian Lung looks like! I could point one out!)

Lone Star Ma said...

So wonderful.

Veloute said...

Triana, come on up and go dragon hunting with us! Make potions with us! We will go to the cheese and wine place and the flying pig place!

Yeah, Sophia's hair can't decide which color to be. It's very cool.