Friday, August 10, 2007

The Amuse Bouche of the Morning

So I'm sitting here suffering through cramps and drinking tea thinking it will do something and Fiona and Sophia come over and announce they want breakfast (who do they think I am?). I mention I (finally!) got some Seven in the Morning cereal (Kashi seven whole grain nugget cereal now...or something like that) and we have blueberries; would they like that? Fiona says yes and then says: "But first can I have...what is that word?...oh yes, can I have a kiss for an appetizer?"


Ellen Aim said...

That seriously almost makes me want to have kids. Almost. Really almost.

That is the coolest thing I think I've ever heard.

Veloute said...

These are the moments I try to remember when she screams that I am stupid and a poopy butt that she hates because I am such a stupid mother POOPY BUTT!