Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Maybe Not the Kangaroo Nachos

I'm driving up this weekend to help Alex take Ellen Aim out to dinner for her birthday. We are going to a restaurant named Lonesome Dove in Fort Worth. Look at the dinner menu (which changes daily). What would I NOT order? Damn. I don't know if Alex or Ellen Aim picked out the restaurant, but it looks like a bitchin' choice. I sort of just hopped on at the last minute to go in on the birthday dinner.

The dessert menu is chocolate this and chocolate that (I know, it's chocolate, but I prefer something else after an enormous meal. This will be an enormous meal). However, I see they have Mexican doughnuts, and I'm sure I'll have that. I mean, first, fresh doughnuts. That's enough right there. But dipped in cajeta? Now I feel all fluttery. I'll have to inquire about cheesecake lollipops. Strawberry shortcake is always good and, really, the basic desserts like strawberry shortcake can be the best desserts of all...or the worst. Like the banana split. At a place like this, I would have high hopes for something like a banana split. So that could be interesting. I am loving the fact that the ancho chocolate cake has a tomatillo anglaise. Having a hard time picturing what that would taste like. Actually, I sort of can and I'm still not sure. If I have room, maybe I'll have that. We'll see what the birthday girl wants to try and hopefully, we'll share desserts (3 desserts shared, I mean. Research. And birthday. Must have lots of desserts for a BIRTHDAY, right?). Tuaca is this, by the way. I had to look it up. Okay. So the flan sounds good, too.

Who knows if this is really the dessert menu we'll see (it may change fairly often depending on what's available and seasonality...one hopes). Still, I can see it will be hard to choose.

Do look at the wine list and feel free to leave a comment about what you would have. I have a feeling birthday girl will want it red and complex. I always love to try the specialty cocktails (there's that Tuaca again, frozen shots...I think I may have to try that), but I'm more interested in the wine/food pairing and this girl can only hold so much alcohol...and I just can't do alcohol on an empty stomach.

Anyway, celebrating will be had! Then Ellen Aim leaves us for Boston the following weekend. Boo.

The 4th was great fun and had in excellent company! We braved going out to see the fireworks (sort of a drag waiting for the bus to take us back to the parking lot where we left our car, but maybe there is a side street we can park on next year...and we'd need a cooler with wheels). Now I just have to figure out when to see Triana and her hub again! I'm just a wee bit too far away for visiting as often as I'd like. Yes, I know. I'm greedy. Triana took breathtakingly beautiful pictures of my babies. Here are some examples:

Triana also introduced me to Spec's, which has a very nice collection of wine. Damn. Perhaps, however, now, when we listen to the 3 Wine Guys podcast, we can actually find the wine! I haven't listened to the Mourvedre podcast yet, and I'm eager to. I love Mourvedre.


Triana said...

OMG, that place looks like heaven!!

Wine: well me on my red kick still...er..omg, there's too many. Though I'd like to try the Murphy Goode, Snake Eyes, just for the name (under Zins).

"a wee bit too far" meaning we can't see each other every night, but still, cheaper and easier than Vermont! (though I shall miss Vermont) When were you coming? :) Not to be pushy...but was it now?

Lone Star Ma said...

Know what's good about summer? The BEACH. Know what beach is better than Galveston? MINE. Come here.

Ellen Aim said...

YUM, cannot wait! I've been dying to try it, my friend B recommended it to me.

And I vote for Zin!