Monday, June 29, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore

Or Vermont, for that matter.

It was a smooth, but intense, trip down here and we are still unpacking. The worst part was Wednesday when the movers were here all day, unloading in 104 degree heat. I have been unpacking steadily since then and it is slow going. The kids are having an adventure and being amazingly well behaved (most of the time). I can tell they are ready to at least see other kids, though. Most people tend to hide in their houses during the day. It sort of feels like winter in Vermont, but a lot sunnier and hotter.

I have not taken one single picture, so I hope to do that soon.

Today I hope to make sure we have everything we need for Sophia's first day of school (which I think is next Monday, but I'm not even sure about that), find some summer camps and violin lessons for Fiona, get ready for Triana's visit this Friday (!!!), get the library cards, find the post office and mail Fiona's letters, call AT&T because the very nice man who was here for 4 hours (or was it 5?) did not leave any information about what our email address would be or any codes for anything AND now the land line is way too static-y to use, and, of course, I need to keep on keepin' on with the unpacking. I still need to get my driver's license. We did register both cars and get them inspected. That cost a pretty penny (90 dollar new resident fee for each car on top of all the other costs). We didn't do the driver's license because after getting to the DMV, we discovered the checkbook had been left at the tax office. Thankfully, someone turned it in. It had been an all morning thing by this point, and we were all done.

We'll have been here one week Wednesday and I can see now that, yes, indeed, I need to find a job outside the home. I have no idea what that will be or where and, of course, trying to find a new job is fairly daunting and anxiety producing.

More updates later, and hopefully, some pictures!


Lone Star Ma said...

Hope you get settled in soon. We're so glad o have you back.

Anonymous said...

hey we will be in TX around the week of the 20th (of July)
email me if u get a moment