Sunday, August 07, 2005

John Revisited

So we're talking about her beau John ( talked about in previous posts). We're looking at a small globe-ball and she asks me where John lives. I said that John used to live in England.

Naturally, she picks up on this past tense reference and asks me where he lives NOW.

After telling her the news, she wants to know about Ringo, George, and Paul. She's not very happy about John being dead even though two other Beatles are still alive.

She mulls it over for a while and then informs me that I may be wrong about John and George. Maybe I am lying. Well, I say, I am not lying--I am only telling you what I believe to be true. I briefly consider delving more into this whole "death" thing and then think, nah! Later.

She gets the rest of the Beatles confused. She just told me (as I am writing this--she must have sensed that I was rehashing an earlier conversation...) that Daddy said that Ringo was still alive and has NOT passed on you silly goose! I just told her that is right--Ringo is still alive. Only George and John are no longer with us.

She then says maybe there will be new ones soon.


kkr said...

Oh, she's so adorable!!!!
I love your blog.
It's great and I can't wait to read more.

Veloute said...

:) Thanks!

Sobo said...

New ones? This could be really interesting!

Triana said...

More Beatles? Ringo, I'm not sure how I feel about this! -John (hi, btw!)

Veloute said...


I know, it has me rather disturbed. How can there be more of us? What would the teacups say?


Lone Star Ma said...

John and Ringo-

I for one would like to submit an application for membership for one Fiona. She is the real thing, guys...not like Yoko and Lynda.