Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mall of America

Yes, on our trip, we visited this...wonder...of America. We actually didn't see much...just the (overpriced) aquarium--which I do have to say both girls enjoyed---the very cool Lego store, and a fast food pizza shop! Such is life with two young children! There is a pretty cool looking amusement park in the center, but our girls are just too young for that. As it is, we were totally afraid of our daring, fearless 3 1/2 year old (the famous Fiona) vanishing into the crowd. In crowded places like that, it is all too easy to lose little people.

Doug and I thought we actually might like it, though, with older kids or maybe even--can I say this out loud?--- no kids!

Sure, it's just the same bunch of stores everywhere in every mall, but it's every store...even a Bennetton, which I haven't been in since the 80s.

And, you have to understand, we don't really have many of these stores in Vermont. We also don't have billboards, so I found myself actually reading them on our road trip. Now I crave a green tea frappacino from Starbucks, even though I am not even sure what that is. Ah, the power of advertising! When we ate out on our trip, Fiona frequently ordered whatever there was a picture of: "I want THAT". I can really see now how the lower level at the grocery is devoted to the small folk of our country.

So, I can say I've been to the Mall of America. I do think it is worth a visit. I don't even like malls, but this one is just so incredibly impossibly big. Grotesque, but interestingly so.


Triana said...

Ok, don't think me too odd, but I actually have the urge to go to that mall in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It has it's own hotel and 7, yes SEVEN, theme parks INSIDE the mall! Ok, I'm odd, but I'd still like to see it someday...maybe for like a weekend. Too bad it's in the middle of freakin' nowhere.

Veloute said...

No, I don't think you're odd. It probably wasn't clear from my post, but ideally, I'd like to go back to the MoA...maybe when we're retired, lol. Like you say, for a weekend or something. Or even a day.

Seven theme parks! Link, please?

BtW, the title of this blog entry is a link to MoA. Some titles are links, some not. I don't see how the reader can tell the difference unless you check it to see.

Triana said...

Be sure to check out the themed hotel rooms! Seriously, it's just all very goofy!

Triana said...

That's one of their hotels and they have these wacky theme rooms. They look like fun!