Sunday, August 21, 2005

Preschool Countdown - 9 Days

Fiona starts school August 31. I am slowly gathering her supplies for school. The cooler weather and some of the leaves just turning yellow here and there are really adding to that whole "back to school" feel. I suddenly realize that we have minimal amounts of warm clothing for Fiona (Sophia's all set, except for booties) and no snow boots.

Sophia now has 2 top teeth! She likes to grab things and then show them to you---but she holds on strong enough that you can't really just take it out of her hand. She also joins Fiona in the Blueberry Crazed Fan Club. She will lunge at a container of blueberries and claw them like the berries are prey. She stuffs them in her mouth and I guess we are over the choking phase (don't worry, I still watch her like a hawk) because she is chewing (gumming) quite, quite well now.

I am now officially a La Leche League leader and have led my first meeting. It went fairly well---good in that everyone was doing well and babies were happy as were toddlers---awkward in that talking in front of people is by far and away not my area of strength ...