Friday, January 20, 2006

A Shrew!

Alas, Fiona is sick. She has this wicked cough and she has missed three days of school. She isn't happy about this at all -- she was working on a project Tuesday and wants to go back and finish it. It is her 5th little booklet. Her first three were about shapes (one is a quatrafoil ... ooo ) and the 4th about continents. They are punched out shapes, one per page, with the word underneath. She loves making these. I hear this one is about letters.

So this is the second winter we've relied on a case of blueberries in the freezer to supply us until spring. Last year they took us well into summer. This year they were gone two weeks ago. Sophia and Fiona really, really like them. I am not sure Doug and I had any.

Sophia is definitely walking now, but she will say "up" if she want you to take her. Fiona loves helping her walk as well.

The most exciting thing that has happened this week is that Doug had an interesting early morning encounter with a small animal. He was working on the computer at some ungodly hour and heard something dropping gradually down the stairs. The computer is right in front of the stairs. The stairs are dark. He goes to investigate and nearly trods on this small animal who obviously cannot see well. He gets a box and puts this animal loose in the basement.

Now. After some asking around and some searching, he's decided it was a shrew. I can tell you if it were me who nearly trod on a small animal in the dark, not only would I have screamed like a teen in a horror movie, I would have somehow thrown it out into the bitter cold. Unless I passed out. He knew it wasn't a mouse or rat, but wasn't sure what else it could be. It was sort of mole-like.

I want to know how it got on the second floor. Where did it come from? It was obviously going down the stairs, not up.

I am hoping this was a very strange occurance and won't be happening again. I will also be very cautious coming downstairs at night as well.


Lone Star Ma said...

All your animals - where you live must be pretty wild still. That would scare me.

I'm sorry Fiona is sick. My girls are as well. I remember those little books! I also rememeber when I mentioned the "clover" in one to the LSG and was chillily informed of its proper name!

Alex said...

holy mother. Yeah, I woulda wet myself. Possibly twice.

That's so mysterious! How /did/ it get to the second floor??