Thursday, December 07, 2006

We Fear Change

Boy, Blogger really does want us to change to beta, as Ellen Aim points out in her blog...soon they'll start sending me emails about Beta...then who knows what. I guess the other version will cease to exist and we'll be forced to comply! Maybe that's when all the bugs will be gone.

I just actually have not ever had a problem with Blogger except not being able to get in at times.

So the documentary was good, funny at times, but mostly the kind of thing where it pisses you off. You KNOW all the information (well, most) in the documentary but seeing it all in one place and realizing, once again, that the USA is so far behind other industrailized nations in terms of health care, maternity/paternity leave, and equal pay and work rights for mothers (the documentary states that mothers make 60% of what men make for the same work...women without children make 90% of what men make---and here I thought it was closer to 100% now!) that one is totally dumbfounded.

If you are interested, here is more about the organization, MomsRising, behind the documentary. MomsRising is co-founded by a co-founder of, Joan Blades.

We have more snow now! We didn't need to shovel the driveway this morning, though, so it's not a lot.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo...thought about switching to blogger beta lately? All the cool kids are doing it. *snicker*

Actually it's tons better than what it was. Of course I sent in about 100 complaints myself, but they did fix them.

I'm having fried pickles tonight. What are YOU having?

Ellen Aim said...

Fried pickles!! Oh wait, you're not talking to me. *blushes*

Actually at the moment I'm having beer. That's right, beer. At home, alone.

I've got some Sims to play!