Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Freedom at War with Fear

Enemy, thy name is WASP!

I am so SICK of these damned vile creatures. I have referred to these stinging spawn of Satan here and here, but I may have even more prior posts about them.

Suffice it to say, they are no longer dropping out of the ceiling in the study (where we used to keep the computer, but we fled the study and now it's a storage room). Now they are in the BEDROOM. Where we ALL sleep. Where the kids take naps! It's not as bad as the study, but one is bad enough. Sometimes I see them in the upstairs hallway. Once in the upstairs bathroom.

Last night, Doug got stung while sleeping! No one has been stung before. I am so thankful that it wasn't one of the girls. Obviously, we're going to have to sleep somewhere else now. What kind of wasp is walking around at night anyway? I thought they slept.

I called the exterminator this morning. First of all, it seems really odd they are bothering us in March. Usually we stop seeing them in December or so, I believe.

I thought I could just have the ceiling fixed in the study, but obviously something more drastic needs to be done (and more expensive, I'm sure). At least replacing the windows in the attic. Hopefully, the exterminator can fix things and tell us what we need to do to prevent these wicked creatures from ever coming in the house again.

One almost misses the fire ants. Oh, our wasps don't actually look like this. They are darker. I have no idea what kind of wasp they are.

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Triana said...

While he was asleep?? See, this is proof of what I've always been saying, stingy-things are MEAN. There is no "leave them alone and they'll leave you alone". Mmmm hmmmm. They'll hunt you down to sting you.

I was once stung by three wasps while I was doing nothing but standing still. Pbbblt we say to them.