Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Sweet...Elusive...Taste of Liberty

Tonight I'm going with a friend to Restaurant Phoebe. I am so looking forward to it. Doug is graciously going to watch the girls, feed them, put them to bed (I know, he's the DAD, so of course he would, but it's a lot for one person to do. Trust me.)

I don't know if that is the actual menu on the web page, or only a sample. I suspect that isn't the exact menu. I will report back later on what we actually eat, of course.

Ellen Aim blogged about this heavenly sounding ice cream. She has eaten this, if you read her post. She lives in Texas. I live in VERMONT, home of Ben and Jerry's. So why can I not find this freaking ice cream? Every time I go to Shaw's, our regular main grocery store, which otherwise I find quite satisfactory--although it is no Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and definitely not a Central Market --I check the frozen food isle, only to be thwarted again and again! I have actually bought way more ice cream than I usually do this way. I suspect a conspiracy. After my date tonight, I am going to try a different (smaller) grocery store in my quest for the Colbert pint.

If we had broadcast TV--well, I suppose we'd have to have cable, too--I would be a dedicated viewer of the Colbert report and the Daily Show.


Shannon said...

so THIS is supposed to better for me to look at than hot cocoa! Now I will be eating ice cream for breakfast, lol!!

have fun!

Veloute said...

Heh heh heh!

Ellen Aim said...

I have not eaten it! Shiiiiit, if you cannot find it in VT you KNOW it ain't here in TX!( I re-read my post just to make sure I didn't eat any and then not tell myself!)

Veloute said...

OK, I re-read a third time and I see I completely misunderstood.

Well, shit! I hope you find some soon, too.

Ellen Aim said...



Veloute said...


Lone Star Ma said...

I haven't found any - grf.

bigbrownhouse said...

So it's been two month...have you found it yet? It looks wonderful, but I keep passing it up for flavors with a much higher chocolate content. I'm a creature of habit, I guess.

Veloute said...

Can you believe I haven't? My sister Ellen Aim can get it in Texas, but apparently, living in (central) Vermont is not a guarantee of getting the latest flavor.

I'm seriously annoyed. I'm sure it's delicious and all, but I really just want ice cream with Stephen Colbert on the front. I was so annoyed on my last grocery trip, I bought three other flavors--of Haagen Daz! (I think my favorite flavor is pineapple coconut).

Good to see you, bigbrownhouse :)