Monday, March 05, 2007

I Ask for So Little. Just Fear Me, Love Me, Do as I Say and I Will be Your Slave.

Doug got me this cookbook, which was sort of an impulse buy on my part. I had seen it earlier and pawed it affectionately. Later, I said, "If you ever wanted to buy book for me, buy me this". Being nice and subtle keeps our marriage strong.

Anyway, it's cute nifty little book. It does use rather a lot of half and half and cream and milk chocolate is definitely not a low fat book (although there are a couple of token soy milk recipes in there...which I have less than zero interest in). There is one simple recipe in there (well, not that any of them are *difficult* recipes, but this one is nice and elegant) of just milk chocolate and darjeeling tea. That's it. Okay, you can add milk or sugar, but I can't see how you would taste anything with more milk or more sugar. If you know me at all, you know I drink tea like (more than) water. It honestly never occured to me to add my eating chocolate to it. I forsee Earl Grey with orange dark chocolate in my future. I don't really drink a lot of hot chocolate, but I do love it, especially after being outside in the snow.

Which leads me to snowshoes! We took advantage of a big sale and bought the kids snowshoes. I would have done it much earlier this year but there was... no snow. Fiona took to it quickly (she told me she had some practice at school on a friend's) and Sophia even took a few steps in them. We had a nice little walk, but for most of it Fiona whined and whined about how tired she was and how long the trail was. I think we spent maybe half an hour outside. It was on the warm side that day as well. I am not sure if this means we don't go outside enough or what.

So addition to the copious ever-present whining on the 5 year old end, we have mounting tantrums that only seem to be increasing with intensity on the Sophia (2 years old) end. If she isn't screaming, Fiona is whining. If this were summer, we'd just go outside and run and swim it off. It is a lot harder right now because it's cold and there is frankly too much snow to go in the backyard. We sometimes go on the porch or driveway, but it's not quite the same. And nobody listens! Honestly, in a moment of exasperation with Sophia, I lamented, "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" (Do you speak German?--probably misspelled). For some reason, that got a laugh. Sometimes neither of them seems to understand English. Maybe I am drinking too much wine. Or Godiva liqueur.


Triana said...

Ich spreche nur ein bischen Deustch. Ach du lieber! Raccoons!

Sounds like you guys are getting kinda stir crazy.

You know, I bet a little Godiva in a mug of cocoa made with chocolate bars would be heavnely. :) Just sayin'....

Lone Star Ma said...

Aren't tantrums fun? I swear the LSM's are getting worse. She had a scary one the other day, climbing up my body like a monkey in hysterics to avoid her bath, which she needed, we needed, since she had just peed all over both of us.

I am more of a mocha person myself, but my favorite non-coffee hot chocolate is Mexican hot chocolate. I don't get it much because I am usually too lazy to buy some Popular chocolate and make it myself on the stove and most places where you can buy it use the more popular Abuelita chocolate, which is made by Nestle, which I won't patronize, but it is GOOD. If you like cinnamon, which I do.

Lone Star Ma said...

I forgot to mention...the Goblin King is mine, you know. All mine. I love you, but you need to understand this. You can Worf if you want, but not the Goblin King. He's mine.

Triana said...

OMG, the Goblin King is so MINE!

Veloute said...

Mexican hot chocolate is so divine. I have a small bit left I'm saving for a special occassion. I have no idea why, because I can buy it here, after all (Ibarra).

Oh, the climbing tantrum. Sometimes I can not predict which small things will be Big Things.

Alas, you are most mistaken. I'm afraid that I possess both the Goblin King and Worf. I'm terribly greedy that way. However, we can take turns. I can be quite generous sometimes, you know.

Oh, and today is better. Maybe because the sun is out. I've been all Crafty Mom. Godiva in hot chocolate still sounds damn fine, though. I'll need it later for sure. I dare not go outside. It's not supposed to get above zero F. At all. Nope. Pass.

I can't figure out where the raccoons come in.

Veloute said...

Oh, look, a cross post!

He's still mine. But I will share with both of you.

Triana said...

Hee hee :) I just hit submit and now there are 6 posts.

I'm willing to share. So long as we're sharing Aragorn and Legalos as well. And Mal...mmmm...Mal. Ok, I have to go find that post Ellen put of eye candy. It is after all, afternoon breaktime.

Veloute said...

OK, but I'm sort of pouting as at one time I thought Mal was all mine.

What a lovely collection we have here.

Lone Star Ma said...

Okay, you two can share Worf, Aragorn, Legolas and Mal, or divide them as you wish, but the Goblin King is ALL MINE. Mineminemineminemine. I'll even throw in Han, wait. I need a share of Han Solo.

Triana said...

*grabs Vel*
*gangs up on LSM*
*grabs the Goblin King Of Delightful Tightsness*

Are you sharing Sayid (sp? drat, I've forgotten how to spell his name), Vel?

Shannon said...

You know, i have you in my favorites and every morning I open all my favorite blogs in tabs- so I see your blog everyday whether you have updated or not. And I tell you- It is just cruel cruel cruel to have me looking a that cup of hot chocolate morning after morning. It makes me want sweet chocolaty goodness right from the start. and last night as I was making beans and rice- I wanted your chili re llanos so bad. Can you come cook for me? It would feel good to meet you anyway. I have loved you from afar for so long.

Veloute said...

Look what the Goblin King does to us. Just look! He's still mine, but I will *struggles* SHARE. Sniff. Can I hold the tights, though, while he's away? Please?

Sayid, eh? Well...okay. But no hogging! I get jealous.

Shannon, I am so pleased to hear you check in every day! I write most of my blog in the shower. That isn't very helpful, I know. I was going to make a resolution to write every day (or nearly). As you can see, there is only one entry for January. I need to make an anti-resolution so I can defy it.

I would love to come cook for you. I'll make whatever you want. I sort of don't want to take the hot chocolate picture away. It makes me feel warm! It's too bad we are so far apart. Love from afar is...well, far.

Triana said...

Sayid can cook!!

Lone Star Ma said...

You are right. We shouldn't even let Goblin King men come between us. I will share.